Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023
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In a lottery, tickets are drawn with random numbers that have a chance of winning a prize. Unlike casino games like live dealer casino games, e-sports betting, virtual sports, Malaysia poker and Sportsbook that require a large bankroll, a lottery requires only a small entry fee.

Lotteries are very popular in Asia, especially in Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. They come in many forms, and the lottery prize can be a fixed amount of money or a non-cash prize. The most common type of lottery games in Asia are dailies, also known as 4D lottery games. Magnum, Damacai, ToTo, Singapore, Sabah, STC and Cashsweep are among the most famous online 4D lottery betting companies. There are many ways to win in 4D lottery games. The wide range of 4D games includes Big Bet, Small Bet, Straight, Roll Bet and Permutations. In this article we will explain how some of the ranges work so that you can have a better understanding and increase your chances of winning

(1) Straight Bet

Straight Bet is the simplest and easiest way to play 4D lottery games. The 4D lottery ticket is a combination of numbers from 0000 to 9999, resulting in 10,000 different four-digit numbers. In standard entry, the player chooses a specific number, for example 2046, and decides whether to bet Big or Small. If the four-digit numbers of his choice are revealed, the player wins. For the “Big” bet, a total of 23 prizes are awarded, from first prize to the consolation prize. The ‘Small’ bet is awarded to the bettors if they win the first, second or/and third prize. The ‘Small’ bet offers better chances of winning large sums of money than the ‘Big’ bet. Generally, the bettor has a better chance to win other rewards and consolation prizes.

(2) Roll bet

In Roll Bet, the bettor can replace one digit of the winning number with an R (R stands for Roll). This allows the bettor to roll any digit for his four-digit number. The letter R stands for digits from 0 to 9. For example, rolling the first digit or R831 will generate 10 four-digit numbers, namely 0831, 1831, 2831, 3831, 4831, 5831, 6831, 7831, 8831, 9831. You can also choose to roll the second, third or last digit of your four-digit number. The minimum bet for a roll bet is RM10, as you have 10 individual four-digit numbers generated (maximum you can roll is up to 2-digit numbers). This method allows bettors to increase the probability of winning as they hold ten sets of numbers at the same time.

(3) Permutation

Buying permutation gives the ticket holder a set of variations. The player’s input includes variations of his 4D number. For example, the number 2046 can have 24 variations or permutations, such as 2406, 2640, or 4026. The bettor can choose how many permutations to buy, such as 24, 12, 6, or 4. The cost varies depending on the number of permutations chosen. The bettor can choose the numbers for each type of entry manually, or with the quick selection, where the computer randomly selects the numbers for the player. However, keep in mind that neither method guarantees a win.

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