Fri. Dec 9th, 2022
4d lotto result

Why are 4D games so attractive? Everyone has their lucky number, it could be the first prize or jackpot today. Bet on Magnum 4D, Toto 4D or Damacai now!

The Magic And Charming Of Numbers Games

Malaysians love 4D lottery games, as they are the only legal betting events available in mostly states of the entire country. The betting of 4D games is as low as RM1, and its prizes could be as much as tens of millions. Also, its playing method is simple and convenient, as for the basic betting option, players are just betting on any 4 digits at the 4D lottery shops, and they have the chance to win a fortune when the 4D results are announced on the same day.

How do the ideas of 4 digits come from the player to bet on? It could be mostly from the vehicle flat numbers which they owned or they have interest in, or the figures they dreamt of, which they think that was some kind of prophecy or foreseeing that brings them good luck.

3 Major 4D Operators In Malaysia

There are 3 major 4D lottery operators in Malaysia which are Magnum, Sports Toto and Damacai, each has hundreds of betting outlets nationwide, and operating with high revenue as two of them are listed companies in the share market.

Why are the 4D lottery games so popular and attractive? Not just as the small bet could bring the huge prizes, but also the simple steps to bet on, and the convenience of dropping by their betting shops.

Small Bets As Entertainment

There is a line among Chinese: small amounts of gambling is entertaining, but excessive gambling harms. The 4D lottery games are regarded as the ‘’safest betting activity’’, as regular players only bet a couple or tens of dollars, and not many people would bet hundreds of dollars. Therefore, betting on 4D lottery with small amounts regularly is not a harmful behaviour, but has been treated as an ‘’investment’’, while the odds to win a grand prize might come to you someday.

However, due to the legislation and religion issue in the country, 4D lottery betting of those operators are unable to perform online through their website, making players have to visit one or more betting shops to bet on.

Experience Betting 4D Lottery Games Online

We1Win online betting platform provides the best 4D lottery online betting experience, with plenty of unique and interesting betting options, such as Conv, 2sides, Fixed Place and Dragon/Tiger/Tie.

Instead of 4D lottery, We1win has betting options including Instant Game, PK10, 5D, Mark 6, 11×5, Fast 3, 3D, Happy8 and LF Lotto. If you are bored of betting on the regular 4D games at the physical shops, come and experience the online 4D lottery games at We1Win.

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